Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Few Preliminaries

By Justin Gerard

Of an oil painting I have been working on...

Hope everyone's 2013 is going well!


  1. Dear Justin,
    You are annoyingly good!
    Seriously- as I'm sure many others here will echo, this is a lovely concept masterfully executed. I wouldn't normally post just to say those things only I also felt compelled to say how great is is that you should share your process like this. It's a great example of how following through on strong fundementals can bring a vision to life. Inspiring and much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing the final.

  2. Hey Justin!
    That is looking amazing! I can't wait to see the final.

  3. what a wonderful sketches . Enjoy me eyes :D

  4. The little colour sketch you did already looked finished to me. I can't imagine what the real finished one will look like.

  5. i agree with CK. I really would love to make my drawing look so effortless and incisive as yours. looking forward your courses at lamppostguild!

  6. Magical!

    Love the contrast between the wizard's expression and the kids'.


  7. Beautiful! The linework is so delicate and perfect for the children, and yet the dragon still looks like a bad-ass dragon.

    Your drawings on the brown paper inspired me to purchase myself some more Conté pencils and new EarthBound books.

  8. I started doing sketches on toned paper last year, and while I love the depth I can get using the paper as the midground, I've found I have a hard time translating those sketches to full-color since the mood totally changes from whatever the initial feeling was on the toned paper... do you ever have the problem?

  9. Hi Justin,

    I just had to share my reaction which was, quote, "Woaaah!", unquote. Seriously.
    Your sketches are amazing, as always. Love the wizard's expression :)

    Can't wait to see the finished painting!

  10. What pencils are you using for these awesome sketches? The color just seems really perfectly balanced to the tone of the paper.

  11. Dr Mr Gerard,

    I love your work. I hate that I didn't do it.

  12. This is going to turn out magical. Beautiful feel with the curved horizon and cool/warm theme. Make it BIG! ;-)

  13. Just viewed the new post: http://muddycolors.blogspot.com/2013/01/wizards-apprentice.html

    and then it brought me here...then i was amazed even more. Loving the work you do!


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