William O'Connor

Author/Illustrator of the best selling Dracopedia book series, as well as illustrator of over 3000 illustrations for the gaming and publishing business, William O'Connor's 20 year career has allowed him to work with such companies as: Wizards of the Coast, Impact Books, Blizzard Entertainment, WhiteWolf/CCP, Lucas Films, Activision and many more.

A winner of over 30 industry awards for artistic excellence including 6 contributions to Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art and 8 Chesley nominations, William has taught and lectured around the country about his unique and varied artwork.

For more information, visit William's site at: www.wocstudios.com

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  1. i want to personally thank you for firing up my passion of dragons again i'm 33 and have drawn dragons all y life. you have breathed new life into some old classics. I have always dreamed of making a living on art have made 3 posters with over 300 characters each. had them printed out for sale and also printed onto sweatshirts. gone and sat at a few street markets and attempted to sell it by the page. ive done some art for a local christian youth group. done 5 or 6 cd covers and even designed some tattoos. so far no profit but im not giving up. just curious if you were willing to give any advice to a fellow artist. you can reach me at twoboysandonethumb@gmail.com my name is Merle feel free to contact me. if you are unable to, i understand but thank you for your books they really helped restart my art life. Thank you.